Monday, 13 July 2020

Week 7 - PSHE

Year 2 - Week 6 - WOW Wall!

We can't believe this is the last week before the summer holidays.  We had such a busy week last week and we are looking forward to what this week will hold.  Last week we finished our autobiographies and we really enjoyed writing them.  Mrs Slater has received some from the children who will be in her class in September and she has really enjoyed reading them.

We have loved Maths this week, looking at fractions and equivalent fractions.  We have worked so hard.  Our favourite topic has been Geography and we are all confident now where the oceans of the world are and we can name the continents too!

We hope that you're all well, we can't wait to see you in September.  Have a good final week!!

Stay safe from Year 2

Monday, 6 July 2020

Year 1

Week 5

Hello everyone! We hope you're having fun at home and enjoying what is left of the sunshine!

Year One have been working very hard at home and at school over the last few weeks and we've been very impressed with all the lovely work we've seen. 

In school, we've read lots of great stories including The Gruffalo and Tip Tap went the Crab. 

We all really enjoyed reading the Gruffalo and lots of us wrote questions that we'd like to ask him. 

Here are some of our favourites!

In Geography, we have been looking at features of Portsmouth and sorting them into "physical" or "human" features. We also compared Portsmouth to our local area in Aldershot and found we have lots of the same things! Many of our favourite human features are closed at the moment but we are lucky to have lots of open space and natural areas to enjoy!

We've also been thinking about staying safe and healthy! Just like the animals we've been learning about, people need food, water and shelter to survive and stay healthy.
We looked at different types of shelters and built our own mini shelters in our playground to test which materials were strong and waterproof. 

Which material do you think worked the best?

We know that we need healthy food to survive as well and we had fun investigating the Eatwell Plate.
We learnt all about the different food groups and enjoyed talking about our favourites from each group. Lots of us like bananas and broccoli - some of our other favourites included avocado and pineapple!

We hope you've all enjoyed finding out who your Year 2 teacher will be and are looking forward to meeting them when you can. They are all very excited to get to know you!

Our year group email is still open so keep sending in your fantastic work - we love seeing what you've been up to!

Stay safe!

Friday, 3 July 2020

Year 2 - Week 5 - WOW Wall!

We can't believe it's Friday already again!  FIVE weeks we've been at the Junior School and we are really enjoying ourselves!  We can't believe there's only two weeks left until the end of term!  We've had a busy week this week and we've worked really hard in both Maths and English.  In English we have really enjoyed writing our autobiographies (Mrs Slater is going to show our new Year 3 teachers!). 

In Maths we have really enjoyed our lessons and we are getting really good at part, part whole.  Towards the end of the week we have been recognising equal parts of a whole and writing unitary fractions.  We've all got so good at it and we're looking forward to Maths next week!

We hope you've had a good week too!  Looking forward to seeing you all soon!  Have a lovely weekend!  Year 2!

Friday, 26 June 2020

Year 2 - RE

Year 2 - Week 4 - WOW Wall

What a busy week we have had this week!  In English we created our very own missing posters for the animals in Shumba's Big Adventure.  We then planned and wrote our very own sequel to the story, which we really enjoyed.  Today we published our sequels and we got to use the publishing pens again!  We're so ready for Year 3!!

We've learnt so much in Maths this week, we now understand the difference between a tally chart, pictogram and block diagrams - we've really enjoyed this!

We have loved topic this week.  We've loved our music session and Geography, where we learnt all about physical features including Mount Everest, the Sahara Desert, the Amazon Rainforest, Niagra Falls and the River Nile.  We're so excited to see what we'll be learning next week!  Hope you're all well - can't wait to see you all!  From Year 2.

Friday, 19 June 2020

Year 2 - WOW Wall!

We have had another great week at school with Mrs Slater!  We have loved learning about tally charts and pictograms in Maths and have enjoyed making our own.  In English, we wrote our very own newspaper report and today we published it!  We even used a handwriting pen which was fantastic! 

We've been very busy with our topic.  We have drawn our own mini-beasts and researched different countries within the seven continents of the world.  Hope you've had a good week too!  See you soon!  Year 2.