Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Spring Term in Year 1


At the beginning of the Spring Term, we enjoyed finding out about SPACE!
We enjoyed an exciting visit to the Science Centre in Winchester where we found out more about the planets in the planetarium and raced our own rockets!

One morning, when we came into class we found a spaceship had crash landed into our kitchen garden. We wrote information to help others know how to look after one of the aliens.

In our art lessons we used chalks to create our own fantastic space pictures.



This half term, we have been learning about toys.  We have talked about our own favourite toys and researched which toys are popular in Year R and in Year 2. 

We loved designing and making our own brilliant pop-up toys.


Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Traditional Tales

This half term we are learning lots of traditional tales and fairy stories. We have been enjoying reading different versions of our stories. The children have been choosing to read these stories to each other in their learning time. 

So far we have read Jack and the Beanstalk, the Gingerbread Man and this week we are reading Little Red Riding Hood. We have been doing lots of activities related to the different stories and characters. This morning, some children made 'cone characters' completely independently. We have become experts and using our scissors to cut carefully and complete challenges like this without giving up!

Last week, World Book Day was perfectly timed to fit in with our learning. Lots of the children came dressed as characters from stories we have read this year. We all wrote about which characters we dressed as and talked about why we dressed as them. Lots of the children challenged themselves to writing their own stories or writing about their character. We were very impressed with Leo's writing about his character, the Gruffalo. We think his drawing is just fabulous! "The Gruffalo is massive."

The children always have access to using the class interactive whiteboard and they have been practising their phonics in their independent learning time and writing words and sentences too. 

Keep tuned for more photos of our work and for our upcoming fairy-tale ball! 

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Half way there!

Can you believe we have already completed half a year at infant school? Last half term we had our topic 'Under The Sea' and we worked as a team to create a giant display using lots of things the children had made. 

The children used their colour mixing scales to create the scales for our mermaid and merman tails. We drew around different children to make the bodies & groups of children painted the bodies, faces and hair. The children drew, painted and coloured different fish for our display to make it nice and colourful. They created seaweed with more colour mixing and by cutting spirals of paper. We are very proud of our work and we hope you enjoy seeing it when you come and visit Early Years. 

We are about to start our new topic about fairy tales called 'Once Upon A Time...'. We wonder if you can guess what book we will be reading first by looking at this giant beanstalk in one of our role-play areas? 

Later in the week we will be making castles from 'junk modelling'. But first we need to make a design for our castle so we know what we will be building. We have looked at some other castles, both real and pretend, to give us some ideas for our designs. We can't wait to get busy making the final products!

We are enjoying the beautiful, dry weather (let's hope it continues as this time last year we were only a week away from the "Beast From The East"!) and having lots of fun outside. In the final summer term we have sports day to look forward to so it's always good to start practising using the bounce-hoppers ready so we are experts by the time we race! We love taking the chalks outside to mark make - using the playground means our drawings can be as big as we want! 

As the half term goes on we will be reading lots of different fairy tales at school but remember you can read lots of different ones at home or write your own stories too! 😁 

Friday, 11 January 2019

Under The Sea!

Have a look at the amazing art work that Early Years have made on their first week back in school after Christmas...can you guess what we might be learning about?

Our first book this half term was 'The Rainbow Fish' - the children had chances to create their own Rainbow Fish as well as other sea creatures. We enjoyed the story because we liked when the Rainbow Fish learnt to share with his friends. We talked about how we show friendship and what things it takes to be a good friend. Lots of the children have been using these friendship skills with their friends! 

Outside, the children worked as a team to create some giant fish using bamboo canes and tissue paper. They used different effects on each of the fish and they are hung around the Early Years area. 

Perhaps you could try and make some of your own sea creatures at home out of different materials and take some pictures to upload onto Tapestry. We love seeing what you have been getting up to at home. 

Next week we will be reading 'Sharing a Shell' and thinking more about how to be a good friend and what to do when our friends don't always want to do the same thing as us. 

Keep an eye out for some of the brilliant work going on display in the classrooms!

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Year 1 Autumn 2

Year 1

This half term we have had fun in our Art lessons finding out more about colours
We learnt which colours are the primary colours and after looking at paintings by Piet Mondrian, we used these to make our own fantastic owl pictures.
Then we experimented by mixing the primary colours to discover which secondary colours we could make.

We have also been researching the Great Fire of London. We started by thinking of questions we wanted to find the answers to. Then we used a variety of sources to discover the answers. These included non-fiction books, paintings and the internet.
Now we have learnt lots about the Great Fire of London, here are some of the questions we found the answers to.

In R.E. we have been thinking about candles; how candlelight makes us feel; how we use candles in celebrations and how we sometimes use candles to help us remember people and events. We learnt how important candles are for the Hindu festival of Diwali and how they are used by Christians during Advent. We then made our own Christingles.


In Literacy we have been getting into the Christmas spirit by looking at Christmas poetry. We have created our very own Christmas poems using different verbs with the -ing suffix. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Year 2 A Growing Adventure

A Growing Adventure

We have had another busy half term learning about dragons, looking at how plants grow, raising money for children in need and even learning how to wash a woolly mammoth!
In October we had news that a dragon called the Hampshire Ridgeback Dragon had been spotted flying over Aldershot! We learnt all about this dragon and this inspired us to write reports about our own dragons.

We also had lots of fun raising money for Children in Need and had to investigate where Pudsey's friend, Spot the dragon, had disappeared to. We hunted high and low for clues, made wanted posters and looked at the best environment for him to be in.
We also took part in the school competition, the best designed Pudsey.


As the weather got colder, we had a think about how that can affect plants. We explored the school grounds to see if we could spot different types of plants and flowers and used these to create some amazing sketches.  

We have also had great fun reading and exploring the books 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' and 'Clockwork Dragon'.

Now it's almost Christmas we're very busy doing lots of festive things. The Christmas plays were amazing and we all did such a great job learning all the lines, songs and dances.

We're so excited for Christmas but can't wait to find out what next term has in store for us!



Being creative!

The last week is here and we are still in full swing! 

The children were given some different coloured paints as well as a lot of white paint and given different objects to print with. Lots of the children were inspired by somebody making a snowman so they made their own snowman pictures. Some children added hats, buttons and arms too!

We are busy making our Christmas cards - here is a sneak preview of the cards that Maple Class are making... we don't want to give to much away! 

As well as being creative in the art area, we have been enjoying drawing on the Interactive White Board - one of the children here is drawing a monster! We have been changing the colour and size of the pen we are using and making sure we put our name on the picture so that it can be printed off. The children measure the length of their turn by using a sand timer. 

On top of all of this fun, we have been working hard in our other areas of learning. We have been making the most of exploring how the weather has changed our outside area including when the water tray froze all of the sea creatures - the children enjoyed describing what had happened and explaining why it had happened. 

We hope everybody has a safe and fun break from school for two weeks and we look forward to seeing you back on the 8th of January 2019!