Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Bocketts Farm

Early Years went on an amazing trip to Bocketts Farm just before the half term holidays.

It was our first school trip & we were amazingly behaved. Even the staff were really impressed!

We got there by travelling on coaches and when we arrived there were lots of things to do. We got to stroke some different animals including a rabbit, guinea pigs and a mouse! We saw a goat get milked and got to come up and give her a stroke too. All of us went on a very bumpy tractor ride - our guides spoke to us over a speaker and explained all of the things we could see. We went on a tour around the farm and saw lots of sheep, llamas and cows. We also got to see a donkey - some of us realised it was like the donkey in our Christmas play! We were lucky enough to see a mummy pig with lots of piglets - they were very hungry!

After lunch we got a chance to watch a pig race - Piggy Stardust won! Once all of this was done we were allowed to have a play in the park before we got on the coach back home.

The teachers were very proud of the children and everybody had a great time.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Paired Cricket

Yesterday, Year 6 took part in their first cricket competition against St. Joseph's. The team gelled really well and cheered each other on when we batted first. We scored some great runs, including a magnificent four! Our fielding was fantastic. A special mention goes to Harry Moore for his superb bowling and Naeem Rahman for an epic catch! Although we did not win our first match, Miss Cooke was extremely proud of the team who demonstrated determination and courage. Thank you to all of the parents for your continued  support.

Miss Cooke

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Supporting Our Home Team - Aldershot FC

Guarding The Shots

Earlier today, 22 of our sports leaders and assistants coaches were lucky enough, not only to attend Aldershot FC's last home game of the season, but also take part in the Guard of Honour that welcomed the teams onto the pitch.

Having each been given a flag to wave, the children formed two lines to create a tunnel, which the players then passed through as they headed out for their crucial game. Although some children got slightly wet by an unexpected sprinkler, the children looked very smart in our Alderwood sports kit.

Once our responsibilities were over, we took our seats in the Community Stand to watch a rather tense game, where Aldershot needed to win to keep their play off hopes alive. Part way through the second half, Barrow took the lead, however, Aldershot scored shortly after to equalise. Despite many chances at goal, the game ended as a draw.

Even though it wasn't the result we were hoping for, we still had a fantastic afternoon and the children behaved exceptionally well.

I would like to thank the parents for taking the time to drop off and collect their children as well as thanking the members of staff who attended the game and made the trip possible.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends.


Friday, 20 April 2018

Life in Early Years

Early Years children have all been working incredibly hard over the last term and are becoming far more independent. They are learning how to follow rules and take turns with their friends and learning how they can sort things out if they don't agree with somebody.

When we were learning about different countries, the children made penguins out of bottles.

We were very lucky because when the fire service came to talk to year 1, the staff said we could have a sneaky peak at the truck when it was in our playground. We look forward to seeing it again properly next year.

Miss Jones organised for Dogs Trust to come in to school to talk to us all about dogs. We talked about how a puppy grows up and changes to become an adult dog. We thought about all the things that dogs need to stay healthy and we learnt things you should never feed a dog. We also learnt the steps to stroking somebody's dog...
1) Ask your own adult first
2) Ask the dog owner if it is okay to stroke their dog
3) Put your hand out low towards the dog and let it come and sniff you (if it walks away it might not want to be touched)
4) Ask the owner where the dog likes to be stroked
5) Gently stroke the dog 

We also learnt what to do if a dog was being too playful and we didn't like it and when it is sensible to touch a dog and when we should leave them alone.

 Each of the classes got some new cameras to use. The children have had a great time taking photos of their work, their friends, their classrooms and even themselves! They have mastered how to add different filters and effects too!

Thursday, 22 March 2018

What a busy term we have had in Year 2!

We started this term with our topic Splish Splash Splosh, and was very excited by our visit from Captain Rocky Cliff. He taught us what life was like as a pirate and how to be one! We had a great day dressing up, playing games, and finding treasure.


We also did some investigations into what materials would be best to use on a pirate ship. We got together and made some pirate ships and had great fun testing them on the water.

Our next topic was 'Be the Best', and we particularly enjoyed writing about superheros and making special superhero potions.

A big congratulations to our Year 2 Dance Challenge team as well. They worked extremely hard and it paid off, winning first place!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Spring Term in Year 1

What a busy term we have had in Year 1.

Our first topic was 'Out of this World!'.  This began with a spaceship landing in our kitchen garden.  We found out about the planets and the history of space travel.  We also had fun describing how we would look after an alien who might have landed in our school. An exciting part of our topic was going to the Winchester Science Centre.  We watched a film in the planetarium and explored the different activities.

We have also enjoyed a visit from the Hampshire Fire Service.  We learnt about how to be safe and what to do if there is a fire.  We became fire-fighters, driving the fire-engine and even putting out fires.  

This week as part of Sports Relief Week we have taken part in sports activities every day.  We have enjoyed some different sports including Zumba, going through an obstacle course and running a mile.  

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Settling into Early Years

Early years children have settled in amazingly well to life at Alderwood Infant School. They have been exploring phonics and maths as well as developing their social skills and working on their motor skills. They have made lots of new friends and they are growing in confidence every day!

 The children had a chance to make their own pieces of poppy art work for Remembrance Day which we have proudly displayed in our class windows.

Now we are hard at work practising for our Nativity Play which involves lots of singing and actions and even a few lines for some children to say. We have been practising using our big, loud voices on the stage. We hope we will see you all for our performances soon!