Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Our Last Weeks In Early Years

As we all know, it has been VERY hot this last few weeks so Early Years have been doing their best to keep cool. We've been using sand and water and imagining we're at the beach! We have been talking a lot about the importance of keeping hydrated and wearing suitable clothes when we playing in the sun.

As part of our topic about mini-beasts we have been hunting around the school grounds and thinking about places we are likely to spot different creatures. We decided to have a walk over to the kitchen garden where we found lots of different creatures hiding among the plants and in lots of other places too!

Each class had lots of caterpillars that we put into little pots to watch them grow. We had to make sure we gave the lids little holes for the caterpillars to breathe through. When they were ready and had become a lot bigger, they crawled up to the lid and hung themselves in a 'J' shape. After a couple of days they made their cocoons and we put them in a special butterfly net ready for them to emerge. All of the children wrote a diary to talk about how the caterpillars changed on their journey to becoming butterflies. When the butterflies had all emerged and had become strong enough, we took them outside to release. Some classes rubbed sticky, sweet fruit on their hands to attract the butterflies. We were lucky enough to have some land on us!