Thursday, 28 January 2016

Saving Pirate Purplebeard...

Year 2 recieved a letter in a bottle from Pirate Purplebeard. He said he needed help URGENTLY!

The Pirate Cruncher had damaged his ship and he needed help to rebuild a better ship that could float and was ready for battle.

The children worked in teams to create a boat using a range of materials. They had to think about which materials would float and how to ensure the boat remained balanced in the stormy seas.

Once the boats were completed the children tested and evaluated their design.

Fire! Fire! Fire!

In Year 1 we have been learning about The Great Fire of London. We found out how it started and where it started. Also we learnt more about important people at that time, including Samuel Pepys and we were inspired to write our own diaries.

 Then we had lots of fun when the fire service came to visit. They taught us how to stay safe and we practised putting fires out with the hose!



In our art lessons we practised joining clay to make beautiful owl sculptures.

Early Years Around the World

Our class bears have gone exploring!  Each class has planned their bear's trip around the world choosing the countries they would like to explore.
As a special treat this year the bears were invited up to the International Space Station by Tim Peake.  They all learned that there is no gravity in space and soon managed to move around the space station as expertly as the astronauts.
Dewi bear from Cherry Class with astronaut Tim Peake.
Dexter in Ash Class playing the drum using call and response like they do in South Africa.

Enjoying a delicious snack in the French Cafe - croissant anyone?

Grace was looking for the United Kingdom on the globe.

Rebecca labelling the places she wanted to visit on a world map.

Tyler is very proud of the Eiffel Tower he has built.

Henry James Bear is currently in the Arctic looking for Polar Bears and wishing he had packed some warm clothes!

Jennifer, Harry, Engelberdt and Charlie are having a great time experimenting with the melting ice, salt and food colouring.
When we added the salt they could hear the ice cracking and watched it melt.  As we added the food colouring it trickled down the holes left in the melting ice block and created 'Rainbow Ice'.

Henry James Bear is at the check-in desk ready to fly to his next destination.  Where will the bears go next?  Follow their adventures on DBPrimary.