Wednesday, 23 May 2012

We went to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

This half term Year 2 are having lots of fun learning about animals and their habitats.
As part of our topic 'On Safari', we went to explore Marwell Zoo! We saw lots of different animals and also got to take part in a workshop; Fur, feathers and scales, where we got to touch some real life animals!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Our day at Hillier Gardens

This half term Year 1 have been learning all about plants and flowers and what they need to grow so on Tuesday we took a trip to Hillier Gardens near Romsey.  Everyone came to school in their wellingtons and raincoats prepared for the bad weather but luckily it only rained for a couple of minutes - thank goodness.

Jackie, Carla and Dawn took us around the gardens and played lots of exciting games with us. 

We pretended to be tiny seeds growing into beautiful flowers to attract bees and detectives finding petals and leaves to match the colours on our palettes.  We also played the seed survival game talking about the different things that sometimes stop seeds from growing.


Everyone had a great time.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Our trip to Bocketts Farm Park!

Last week year R went on an adventure to Bocketts farm.
Being a working farm, there were lots of baby animals to see including lambs, kids, piglets and a calf.
Here is a Ewe feeding her day old lamb, we found out that baby animals need milk for nutrition just like we did as a baby!

We cheered for our favourite pig during an exciting pig race and even had a tour on a tractor trailer ride!

We saw Gertie the goat being milked and we even got to handle some small animals.