Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Disaster averted!

On Friday there was a BIG problem in the Year R playground.  All the rain had created the most enormous puddle and there was no room to play!  The children coned off the area and summoned help.  They wrote a letter to our caretaker Mr Smith. 

 He came and took a look at the problem.  The drain was blocked!  The children helped Mr Smith to clear the drain and the problem was solved.  A great team effort!

Roll up! Roll up!


Year R have been very busy preparing for their Farmer's Market.  The children planted seeds, made flapjack and baked fresh bread to sell.  They made posters and signs and set up their stalls ready to sell the things they had been making.  The parents were wonderfully supportive and spent a small fortune buying all the top quality produce.  The children enjoyed themselves enormously and there are quite a few budding entrepeneurs to look out for in the future!
Come and buy our lovely pumpkins!

Look how much money we have made!

Parents helped the children to work out how much to charge.

Our trip to Bockett's Farm

Year R had a fantastic time visiting Bockett's farm.  The children had fun handling the animals, watching the pig racing and riding on the trailer.  The children learnt a tremendous amount about the animals on the farm so it was not only an amazing day out but also a wonderful learning experience for everyone.
                                                   Greta the goat gave us lots of creamy, warm
                                                   milk and was very patient while we all stroked  her.
                                                The goats in the big barn were very friendly!
The kid was very soft.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Marvellous Marwell

What could our topic be about this half term?  Here's a clue. We visited Marwell Zoo and saw zebras, giraffes, tigers, flamingos and much more.  We even saw rhinos - real ones and some models which had been decorated for the Go Rhino! project. 

After walking round the zoo we visited the Education Centre.  There were lots of different animal skins on the floor which we sorted into fur, scales and feathers.  We even stroked a real rat and snake - it was amazing!

Take a look at some of the things we saw.
We have loved our topic 'On Safari!'