Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Let's Celebrate!

This half term we have been finding out about different celebrations.  We have found out about the history of the Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate Bonfire Night on the 5th November each year.  Towards the end of this term we are going to find out about our Christmas traditions and how they originated. 

This week we have written fantastic poems about birthdays

Birthday parties
Birthday cake
Stripy candles cake
Dribbling icing cake
Squishy chocolate cake.
Party games
Passing the parcel games
Fun, exciting games
Winning prizes games.
Surprise presents
Feeling excited presents
Shiny wrapping paper presents
I'm a lucky boy presents.
I'm a lucky girl presents.
Group poem
Gold knotted bow presents
Red shimmering wrapping paper presents
Colourful shiny presents
Scrumptious strawberry cake
Delicious vanilla cake
Crumbly chocolate cake
Fantastic fancy dress party
Glimmering, glittering silver lights party
Shining, swirling streamers party
Big presents for me to open
Interesting music for people to dance to
Rich cocoa cake, waiting to be eaten
Today I've got a good feeling
Happy and cheerful all day long
Dairy milk chocolate melting in your hands
A treat for everyone - it's a special day
Yes!  Now I'm seven!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dazzling Dens!

In Year One we have been investigating different materials to help the three little pigs find a new home.
We sorted a range of objects into groups made from the same material.
We also described the properties of each material.
Next we built dens using a variety of materials to help us decide which material would make the most comfortable home for the pigs.

We found out that the plastic den was the best material to use because it was waterproof and easy to build.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Splish Splash Splosh!

Welcome back to school

This half term our Year 2 topic is Splish Splash Splosh! 

We have received a message in a bottle from pirates asking for help to find a new home because after many years sailing the seven seas they now want to build a home on land.
In class we have thought about the best locations to settle down and we are now finding out more about the weather in different parts of the world and the effect it has on the people who live there.
Can you find out more about the weather by watching and listening to the weather forecast at home?

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Settling into Year R

The children have been settling in happily.  There is lots for them to do and they are very busy indeed!

Hannah counting the animals.

Gracie and Jacob painting.

Alice sorting the transport shapes.

Jack and Elwyn being creative with the Interstar building 'robotmobile'!

Joseph made a huge tower!

Brooke, Megan, Holly and Lucie are carefully counting pegs!

Violet and Harry enjoy exploring natural objects in our comfy corner.

Knock, Knock, Who's There?

Welcome back to school!
We have nearly finished the first full week in Year 1 and the children have settled in brilliantly.

We have started our topic by looking at the traditional tale The Three Little Pigs. Exploring this story has helped us to think about counting, materials and story telling. Yesterday we went on a walk to see what materials have been used to build the homes in our local area. We also started to think about how houses can be different and we spoke about the difference between detatched, semi-detatched and terraced houses.

Later in our topic we will be helping the pigs to decide which material is best to make a house from. What do you think we will decide on?

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Spectacular Science in YR!

Last week Reception had a very special treat.
Dr Adam LeGresley came into school and showed us some exciting science experiments.
There were explosions of fizzy drinks, volcanoes made from ingredients you find in the kitchen and even some colour changing liquid!
We found out that everything we see is made up of tiny balls called atoms!
We were all very excited and asked lots of questions.
Some of us even want to be scientists when we grow up!
Thank you Dr Adam!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Meet Roxy the Rhino!

This year at Belle Vue we have been involved in a very exciting project...

The children took part in a school competition to design our rhino and we had lots of fantastic entries!
In the end we decided that a colourful circle design was a winning combination, we then managed to get everyone in school to fingerprint thier faces onto Roxy (even the teachers!) then we added some glitter to make her stand out from the crowd.
And here she is...Roxy the Rhino!

Roxy has now returned to Marwell Zoo where she will be kept safe until the exhibition around Southampton.
On Tuesday the 9th July the rhinos will begin to 'charge in' to the centre in a  spectacular parade.
The rhino trail officially starts on Saturday 13th July and will be ongoing throughout the summer holidays. Why not take a trip and see if you can find Roxy and your fingerprint face!
Roxy will be based at: Southampton Central Library, Civic Centre, SO14 7LW.
Thank you to everyone who has taken part in this exciting project.
Happy rhino seeking!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Flower Power!

In  year 1 we have been learning about plants and flowers.

We went to Hillier Gardens and learnt lots of interesting facts about a variety of plants.

We learnt that plants need light, warmth and water to grow.

We played a game where we followed the life cycle of a plant, and learnt about the importance of bees and other flying insects.

We used a colour pallette to compare a variety of different coloured plants and flowers.

We enjoyed exploring the woodland area and finding unusual hidden objects along the way.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Let's all go on a minibeast hunt!

Early Years have been busy getting outside in the summer sunshine.  We have been hunting for minibeasts - but where are they all hiding?
Can you see that tiny ant?

Look at that spider's web - but where is the spider?

What can you see in here?

I've found a snail!

So have I!

We have to be very careful and gentle.

In our classrooms we each have an investigation station so we can find out lots more about each minibeast.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Disaster averted!

On Friday there was a BIG problem in the Year R playground.  All the rain had created the most enormous puddle and there was no room to play!  The children coned off the area and summoned help.  They wrote a letter to our caretaker Mr Smith. 

 He came and took a look at the problem.  The drain was blocked!  The children helped Mr Smith to clear the drain and the problem was solved.  A great team effort!

Roll up! Roll up!


Year R have been very busy preparing for their Farmer's Market.  The children planted seeds, made flapjack and baked fresh bread to sell.  They made posters and signs and set up their stalls ready to sell the things they had been making.  The parents were wonderfully supportive and spent a small fortune buying all the top quality produce.  The children enjoyed themselves enormously and there are quite a few budding entrepeneurs to look out for in the future!
Come and buy our lovely pumpkins!

Look how much money we have made!

Parents helped the children to work out how much to charge.

Our trip to Bockett's Farm

Year R had a fantastic time visiting Bockett's farm.  The children had fun handling the animals, watching the pig racing and riding on the trailer.  The children learnt a tremendous amount about the animals on the farm so it was not only an amazing day out but also a wonderful learning experience for everyone.
                                                   Greta the goat gave us lots of creamy, warm
                                                   milk and was very patient while we all stroked  her.
                                                The goats in the big barn were very friendly!
The kid was very soft.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Marvellous Marwell

What could our topic be about this half term?  Here's a clue. We visited Marwell Zoo and saw zebras, giraffes, tigers, flamingos and much more.  We even saw rhinos - real ones and some models which had been decorated for the Go Rhino! project. 

After walking round the zoo we visited the Education Centre.  There were lots of different animal skins on the floor which we sorted into fur, scales and feathers.  We even stroked a real rat and snake - it was amazing!

Take a look at some of the things we saw.
We have loved our topic 'On Safari!'