Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Bocketts Farm

Early Years went on an amazing trip to Bocketts Farm just before the half term holidays.

It was our first school trip & we were amazingly behaved. Even the staff were really impressed!

We got there by travelling on coaches and when we arrived there were lots of things to do. We got to stroke some different animals including a rabbit, guinea pigs and a mouse! We saw a goat get milked and got to come up and give her a stroke too. All of us went on a very bumpy tractor ride - our guides spoke to us over a speaker and explained all of the things we could see. We went on a tour around the farm and saw lots of sheep, llamas and cows. We also got to see a donkey - some of us realised it was like the donkey in our Christmas play! We were lucky enough to see a mummy pig with lots of piglets - they were very hungry!

After lunch we got a chance to watch a pig race - Piggy Stardust won! Once all of this was done we were allowed to have a play in the park before we got on the coach back home.

The teachers were very proud of the children and everybody had a great time.