Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Flower Power!

In  year 1 we have been learning about plants and flowers.

We went to Hillier Gardens and learnt lots of interesting facts about a variety of plants.

We learnt that plants need light, warmth and water to grow.

We played a game where we followed the life cycle of a plant, and learnt about the importance of bees and other flying insects.

We used a colour pallette to compare a variety of different coloured plants and flowers.

We enjoyed exploring the woodland area and finding unusual hidden objects along the way.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Let's all go on a minibeast hunt!

Early Years have been busy getting outside in the summer sunshine.  We have been hunting for minibeasts - but where are they all hiding?
Can you see that tiny ant?

Look at that spider's web - but where is the spider?

What can you see in here?

I've found a snail!

So have I!

We have to be very careful and gentle.

In our classrooms we each have an investigation station so we can find out lots more about each minibeast.