Thursday, 18 December 2014

An exciting day in Early Years

Year R had a very exciting day today with not one special visitor but two!
The children had a wonderful time watching Magic Tom perform his amazing magic show.
Magic Tom used his magic to pull the biggest magic wand in the world out of the tiniest bag!

The children helped to magic the rope back into one piece.

Then Magic Tom used his magic powers to bring Olaf to life.  At first he didn't realise his magic powers had worked until ....

Olaf started to follow him - he's behind you!!

Then Magic Tom made six presents appear out of an empty bag  ... how did he do that?  It must be magic!

The children in Maple, Ash and Cherry Class loved every single second on his show!

Thank you Magic Tom.
 Our second very special visitor was, of course, Father Christmas!

All the children were very excited to meet him and each child received a gift.  They were all trying very hard to show Father Christmas their very best behaviour so that he will come and visit them on Christmas Eve.  Let's hope they can keep it up!!
Thank you Father Christmas.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Autumn Term

We have now fully settled into Year One and have been doing lots of exciting things during the Autumn term.

In October we went outside and made dens as part of our materials topic for science. We used different materials, such as the fallen leaves and sticks, fabric, plastic and even tin foil! After building the dens we tested them to see which material was the strongest, safest and most waterproof . Which material do you think made the best den?

During Book Week we read the story 'Room on the Broom' and took part in lots of exciting activities, including a fantastic drama workshop. We had fun pretending to be the characters from the story.

This half term we have been looking at light and dark. Each class has a dark den where we can explore different light sources. . We even made reflective reindeer belts for Rudolph by choosing the shiniest materials.