Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Half way there!

Can you believe we have already completed half a year at infant school? Last half term we had our topic 'Under The Sea' and we worked as a team to create a giant display using lots of things the children had made. 

The children used their colour mixing scales to create the scales for our mermaid and merman tails. We drew around different children to make the bodies & groups of children painted the bodies, faces and hair. The children drew, painted and coloured different fish for our display to make it nice and colourful. They created seaweed with more colour mixing and by cutting spirals of paper. We are very proud of our work and we hope you enjoy seeing it when you come and visit Early Years. 

We are about to start our new topic about fairy tales called 'Once Upon A Time...'. We wonder if you can guess what book we will be reading first by looking at this giant beanstalk in one of our role-play areas? 

Later in the week we will be making castles from 'junk modelling'. But first we need to make a design for our castle so we know what we will be building. We have looked at some other castles, both real and pretend, to give us some ideas for our designs. We can't wait to get busy making the final products!

We are enjoying the beautiful, dry weather (let's hope it continues as this time last year we were only a week away from the "Beast From The East"!) and having lots of fun outside. In the final summer term we have sports day to look forward to so it's always good to start practising using the bounce-hoppers ready so we are experts by the time we race! We love taking the chalks outside to mark make - using the playground means our drawings can be as big as we want! 

As the half term goes on we will be reading lots of different fairy tales at school but remember you can read lots of different ones at home or write your own stories too! 😁