Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Can we help Pirate Pete?

We recieved a letter from a pirate who told us he was sick and tired of living at sea. In the letter he told us that he wanted to live somewhere that was not too hot, but not too cold. He wanted to experience different seasons so he didn't get bored and he didn't want to see any monsoons! He asked if we could help him so we set to the challenge.

We have researched different types of weather
to help the pirates. We really enjoyed writing
weather poems and reports on the local weather.

On their way to see use the pirates crash their boat! We had a go at designing a new boat for them. We thought they must be

Aren't we grown up

We have been very busy in year 2 this term! 

We have been to Newport Junior School to take part in a science day with year 3. We made our own cup phones and had a go at calling our friends. We also used junk modelling to make our own musical instruments. We had a great time working in teams with children from year 3. We made drums, shakers and even guitars. 

We have also been getting ready to leave Belle Vue Infant School and move on to Junior School. We have written about our achievement in year 2 and set goals to achieve in year 3. We have been very busy practicing our Leaver's assembly which we are going to perform to the whole school as well as our families. Even year 6 came down to watch us. We also had a transition morning where we went to Newport School, met our new teachers and did some activities with them. 

We managed to make time to have some fun too! We really enjoyed the circus visiting and teaching us some circus skills. We learnt how to spin plates- even when we were standing on one leg! We had a chance to dress up in clown outfits. Finally, we had a go with many different circus props, including a mini bicycle and juggling balls.