Monday, 15 October 2007

FOBs Report

We held another very successful Fobs Third Thursday, with our very popular pocket money sale and second hand uniform sale. Total raised £75.15.

Our next Fobs Third Thursday will be a cake and bake and uniform sale to be held on 18 October at 2.45pm in the school hall. All donations of cakes gratefully received.

Our Christmas Fayre will be on 30 November, where parents will be able to buy their children’s Christmas crafts they make in class. There will also be cakes, raffle, Tombola and lots more besides, not forgetting a chance to see that jolly man in red.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Belle Vue's Blog Begins!

We want to tell you much more regularly about things that are happening at Belle Vue and let you see news about each year group.

To make this easy we have started our blog. It's easy to find from our school homepage - just click the school blog button.

This will take you to the page you are on now!

Also, you can click other buttons on our school homepage to take you to news about each year group and FOBs.

We hope you like the new blog - if you do, please leave us a comment!