Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Castle building

This half term our topic has been In a Land of Magic.

We had fun dressing up as people who lived in castles - there were Kings, Queens, Guards, Knights and even a dragon!

In History we have learnt about castles. We really enjoyed building our own castle that was big enough to fit everyone inside!

We had to work as a team, thinking about the parts of the castle and planning how to make it strong and well defended.

We were very proud of our castle. We even included a draw bridge to stop any enemies from entering.

In Art we created a clay gargoyle using the forces we had learnt in science. We had to push, pull, twist, roll, and pinch to manipulate the clay into different shapes.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Year 2 Football Tournament

On Monday 10th February some children from year 2 were lucky enough to take part in a football tournament at Connaught School.

We arrived wearing our football boots and shin pads, ready to play against children from other infant schools.

We really enjoyed taking part, and developing our skills and understanding of the rules of football.

At the end we recieved a certificate, and we felt very proud.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Around the world in 30 days

This half term our class bears waved goodbye and set off to travel around the world! Each week we have been receiving  post cards, letters and emails from him letting us know about his adventures.

Henry James Bear is at the airport ready to fly to France.

Benjy Bear is about to catch the train to London and go off on his adventures.
Before he left we helped him pack his suitcase and thought about what things he would need during his travels. We wrote lists to help him know what he would need. We also helped him sort warm and cold weather clothes for him to take.

We looked at maps and in books to help our bears to decide where they wanted to go.
Opened up a travel agents to book all his travel arrangements.

He started off travelling around the UK and then travelled to Europe.  He wrote to us telling us about the artist Monet so we had a go at making our own pictures in the style of “water lilies”. When our bear told us about Italian pizzas we started to write lists of ingredients and then made pizzas to take home!

Chef is cooking spaghetti in the Italian restaurant.

Making delicious pizzas to take home.

Adding pizza toppings and using these to make
 number sentences - a fun way to learn about adding up!

Our class bear went to Africa and we read the story “Handa’s Surprise”.  We acted out the story and thought about what was happening to the fruit in her basket. Each time a hungry animal passed her by there was one less piece of fruit in the basket!

We tasted the fruit from Handa's basket to see which was our favourite.

We went shopping at our Fruit and Veg shop.
Kung Hei Fat Choy! Happy Chinese new year! Our class bear was in China to celebrate the start of the Year of the Horse. We have been busy playing in our Chinese restaurant role play areas and started adding gold coins into lucky money envelopes.  We found out that we were either born in the Year of the Rat or the Year of the Ox.
Making very loud music for the lion dancing!
Lion dancing!

Children in China receive money in lucky red envelopes. 

We helped Panda to share the money fairly into the envelopes. 
We made dragon puppets with wiggly bodies that could be longer or shorter

I wonder where our bears wil be going next week?

We are looking forward to welcoming our bears back home at the end of next week.  We have had fun finding out about all the different countries they have been visiting but we have missed them alot! 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fire Fire Fire!

Last half term we learnt all about The Great Fire of London.

We were very lucky and had a visit from the Fire Brigade. We learnt how to keep safe if there was ever a fire and even had a chance to dress up like a fireman!

We had a go at driving the fire engine and had great fun putting out pretend fires with the hose.

                        We learnt that you need to 'Get out, stay out and call 999' if there is ever a fire!