Friday, 20 April 2018

Life in Early Years

Early Years children have all been working incredibly hard over the last term and are becoming far more independent. They are learning how to follow rules and take turns with their friends and learning how they can sort things out if they don't agree with somebody.

When we were learning about different countries, the children made penguins out of bottles.

We were very lucky because when the fire service came to talk to year 1, the staff said we could have a sneaky peak at the truck when it was in our playground. We look forward to seeing it again properly next year.

Miss Jones organised for Dogs Trust to come in to school to talk to us all about dogs. We talked about how a puppy grows up and changes to become an adult dog. We thought about all the things that dogs need to stay healthy and we learnt things you should never feed a dog. We also learnt the steps to stroking somebody's dog...
1) Ask your own adult first
2) Ask the dog owner if it is okay to stroke their dog
3) Put your hand out low towards the dog and let it come and sniff you (if it walks away it might not want to be touched)
4) Ask the owner where the dog likes to be stroked
5) Gently stroke the dog 

We also learnt what to do if a dog was being too playful and we didn't like it and when it is sensible to touch a dog and when we should leave them alone.

 Each of the classes got some new cameras to use. The children have had a great time taking photos of their work, their friends, their classrooms and even themselves! They have mastered how to add different filters and effects too!

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