Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Traditional Tales

This half term we are learning lots of traditional tales and fairy stories. We have been enjoying reading different versions of our stories. The children have been choosing to read these stories to each other in their learning time. 

So far we have read Jack and the Beanstalk, the Gingerbread Man and this week we are reading Little Red Riding Hood. We have been doing lots of activities related to the different stories and characters. This morning, some children made 'cone characters' completely independently. We have become experts and using our scissors to cut carefully and complete challenges like this without giving up!

Last week, World Book Day was perfectly timed to fit in with our learning. Lots of the children came dressed as characters from stories we have read this year. We all wrote about which characters we dressed as and talked about why we dressed as them. Lots of the children challenged themselves to writing their own stories or writing about their character. We were very impressed with Leo's writing about his character, the Gruffalo. We think his drawing is just fabulous! "The Gruffalo is massive."

The children always have access to using the class interactive whiteboard and they have been practising their phonics in their independent learning time and writing words and sentences too. 

Keep tuned for more photos of our work and for our upcoming fairy-tale ball! 

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