Friday, 21 June 2019


We are very excited that all of our chicks have successfully hatched. The final one came out of the incubator today to join her friends. They are all pecking at the food and drinking their water. Have a look underneath the pictures to see some of the observations the children have made about our feathery visitors...

'Chicken is drink water' Franciszek (Maple)
'They have got out the eggs' Faiz (Maple)
'They've got beaks' Adam (Maple)

'First they weren't hatched and they weren't big and they weren't in the bigger box' Joseph (Cherry)
'The chicks have hatched' Abbatha (Cherry)
'Some are in the box' Charlie WG (Cherry)

'I saw the chick going out (the incubator) and being put in with his friends' Bhaveesha (Ash)
'They hatched' Estrella (Ash)
'They're a box on the table so we can see them' Penelope (Ash)

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