Thursday, 24 October 2019

Nearly Half Term

We have already been at Alderwood School for half a term! The children are very settled and becoming more independent each day.

We have been practising our tricky words a lot alongside our phonics - we are learning to recognise these words quickly and playing different matching games to help us.

The children have been using the art areas to come up with their own creations and practise their cutting skills. Some of the children used the bat templates to make hanging bats for their roleplay area. They found ways to attach the bats to the wood including BluTack, tape and string. 

We have been reading the 'Funnybones' books by Janet & Alan Alhberg in class and watching some of the videos on the interactive whiteboards. This has inspired lots of labelling and work about skeletons. The children have made some skeleton pictures at the art table - the first time the children made their pictures we hadn't discussed the different bones and their names so they came up with what they thought a skeleton looked like. As classes, we then looked at pictures and models of skeletons and felt where some of our own bones were and then made a second skeleton picture to see what we had learnt. As you will see from the photo below, the children made great improvements to their skeleton pictures and added a lot more detail and were able to talk about some of the different bones in their bodies (top = before, bottom = after).

We look forward to coming back after half term where we will be learning about different places around the world as our class bears are off on an adventure! 

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