Thursday, 28 November 2019

Early Years

In Early Years we have been using our number skills and recognising some coins in our role-play areas - the children have enjoyed taking turns being shopkeepers and using the new tills. We have been writing price tags for some of the toys so that everybody knows how much they cost. 

Lots of children have enjoyed showing us their knife and fork skills with the Play-Doh - we are hoping to keep using these skills when we are at lunch so we can cut up our own food.

Our nativity play rehearsals are in full swing and the children have been making the staff very proud with their good attitude and effort. Next week we will be doing dress rehearsals so we can practise taking our costumes on and off and some of our pre-schools will be coming to watch the final dress rehearsal before the main performances. We can't wait to see everyone and for them to enjoy all the songs and dances that the children have put so much effort into. 

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