Thursday, 27 February 2020

Out of This World!

Out of This World!

At the beginning of the Spring term our kitchen garden was turned into a spaceship landing site! 
 We arrived at school to find pieces of the spaceship hidden in the vegetable patch BUT where had the alien gone?

The Year 1 classes thought of different questions to ask the alien including 'Where were you trying to fly to?', 'Do you go to school?' and 'What planet are you from?'.

We wanted to find out more about the planets in our solar system and had fun exploring the Science Centre in Winchester.  We particularly enjoyed designing and testing our rockets to see which rocket would travel the furthest.  We thought of different names for our rockets including Zoomblaster, Flying Fire, Mars Blaster and Bobby and Alex!  In the planetarium we learnt more information about planets and constellations and spent some time in the afternoon investigating the Explorer Zone.

In our DT lessons we researched space buggies and practised joining materials in different ways before we designed and made our own amazing space buggies!



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